About Us

GB Engineering Enterprises Private Limited, incorporated in India, established in 1980, having its headquarters in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu state, India, has made a defined Financial Growth over the years. GB has always strived to achieve Customer confidence in all its endeavours. Testimony to this is proven by its receiving of continuous-repeat orders from most of its clients. The Partial Customer List demonstrates the Quality conscious work-style of the Organization.

GB has three workshops, all located in Tiruchirappalli within a radius of 15 km. Gaining confidence through Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, GB has always focused on Customer Satisfaction.

Product Range

Products made by GB include Boilers and Boiler components to various industries including
Power, Paper, Sugar, non-ferrous, Carbon black and many more Process industries having
Steam Generation; Combined Cycle Power plants;

Quality Policy

To satisfy our Customers requirements through
continually improving our products, services, and
business processes meeting statutory and regulatory
provisions with the involvement of all the employees

Facilities section

The Facilities available in GB make it capable of producing Pressure parts for Steam
Generating systems to the tune of 10,000 MT per annum including Non-destructive testing

Partial Customers List