Our Services mainly focuses on Enterprise Applications, 3D Modeling,Design and Engineering including analysis, thus making the customer IT smart in this Digital Age with the well trained software engineers with excellent technical skills and a high degree of business understanding. GBBPR Soft pursues excellence in every endeavor and is dedicated to Quality Service.We have deliver higher value returns through outsourcing solutions for the complete range of business and technology requirements. The company also brings experience in Solid Works design, CAD/CAM, ERP Systems, Database Management and Processing systems, IT services including Network Management, Electronic Data Processing and Server Management and a bunch of other value-added services pertaining to the IT world to deliver maximum quality and value to the customer.

GB Software Development Services

We have deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and delivery methodology innovation. The core competence of the company lies in the Trained manpower coupled with the domain experience and expertise of its associate companies. The clients profile varies across countries covering Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and United Kingdom.

The company prefer to take select projects that require high quality and professional output. The Systematized software development follows the principles of Rapid Application Development (RAD), and makes use of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques and libraries of re-usable code. Software Development is done on all standard platforms.

Services Offered

  • Software Development

  • Website Development

  • Biometric based Attendance System

  • Server Management

  • Network Management

  • 3D Modelling